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Chitvan Jungle Lodge

Chitvan....What does it mean?

There are three stories about the origin of the name Chitvan


The dense jungle there (before men started settlements there) was teeming with Cheetahs, and, the word for 'jungle' in Hindi is van. So, the people around started to call that locality as Cheetah-van, which was later modified as Chitvan.


The dense jungle in the past was teeming with spotted-deer, and so they started to call it Chitri-van which gave way to the present word for the district. Chitri meaning spotted.


As per Rigveda (an ancient Indian Scripture) life is divided into four stages, namely,

Kanha National Park

Kanha Tiger Reserve is located in the Maikal Hills of the Satpuras spreading over two revenue districts – Mandla and Balaghat.Kanha was declared a reserve forest in 1879 and notified as a wildlife sanctuary in 1933. Its status was further upgraded to a national park in 1955. The habitat has an excellent interspersion of geographical attributes and welfare factors which foster a rich population of wildlife.

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Educational Tours

We proudly call it Jungle Knowledge* Educational Tours. Our forests and wildlife is the legacy that we want to leave behind us for our future. Our Jungle Knowledge* Educational Tour are Guided wildlife tours specially designed for School / University students to create interest and to teach the importance of forests and wildlife.

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Conservation Tours

Promoting awareness of Conservation and Biodiversity is our prior objective at Chitvan Jungle Lodge. The ethos is more evident in our award-winning Guided Wildlife Tours. Today we take a step ahead to teach our future the importance of Conservation.

Educational Tours

Us, humans as a species ourselves, are in a need to maintain the environment around us in order to keep the world as we know it. Forests provide us with oxygen, while oceans and land give us food. If these ecosystems are destroyed, they will be gone forever. Humans is the only species in the world who can save or destroy other species.

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