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Akash (Ether) Suites

Located next to the organic farms in Chitvan, these Suites have been designed to cater to peace and serenity and have a captivating view of the Maikal Hills lush with Sal trees around them.

Each suite has a separate living room, with bay windows in the ground floor and terraces on first floor suites. These suites with wall size windows in all bedrooms ensures that you just need to open your eyes while still on the bed, to see the forest, you don't even need to get up to enjoy the view. Specially made large twin beds which are of 6.5 X 4 feet size, every part of these suites is grand. Twin counters in the bathroom to save time for you in the morning when you are going for safaris, a rain shower head inside a shower cubicle. For the more adventurous open showers in the ground floor suites, take a shower in the open sky, feel the nature in totality. Enjoy private dinners on the terrace, and see the stars looking at you.

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Jal (Water) Suites

We have named our Suites on the basis of five elements of nature. JAL means Water. It also represents emotion. The emotion of flowing away. Sometimes water can be playful, jumpy and limitless. The colors scheme in these suites are also mirroring the same thought. From light blues to dark blues with earthy colors to provide base to the whole color scheme.

Water also has purifying and soothing effects. We wanted to include these effects in your experience of Jal Block. Question was how do we do that!!!!

The location of this suite is the key. This suite is closest to the Core zone of Jungle. You can hear the Deer calling and chwinging of Sunbirds. The Large windows open up a view of jungle which instantly relaxes your five senses. This suites also takes the coolness of water from the dense surroundings of trees planted specially around these suites. So next time you are in Chitvan ask for the tour of Jal Block.

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Prithvi (Earth) Suites

With a big Saja tree in the centre of the block, these Suites stand tall, and grand. Each Suite is 900sq. ft. Some unique suite features are, spacious sitting area with sofa bed, work area with attached terrace overlooking Maikal hills. The bed room with a king bed with lush linens, woollen / feather blankets and pillow-top mattress.

Decor includes warm yellow and sage green tones, accenting amenities such as a telephone, bedside alarm clock, miniature refrigerator with soft drinks, and snacks, Tea/ coffee maker, and a separate dressing area with lot of space to keep your personal belongings in the almirah. Spacious bath with rain shower heads in a glass cubicle and bath tub with shower, bath robe, slippers and all bathroom amenities from Forest Essentials, open shower in ground floor suites. Hair dryer and DVD player is available on demand.

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The Mahasagar Suite

is specially designed for the head of states, business czars, and people with a taste for Luxury. A two bedroom suite, with a living room, and 6 private balconies to enjoy views of the forest, farms, lodge, and the Maikal hills.

You may like to have a private meal in the balcony next to the forest, or have breakfast on the terrace and enjoy the chirping of the birds, and the morning sun looking at you through the tall Sal trees. Just next to the block is a small water body, which attracts some Wild and bird life. Each suite has the usual comforts, and unique colours that suit the name. Large glass windows for you to enjoy the views, and the curtains to give you privacy.

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