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Community Footprint

Chitvan is sensitive and mindful of local communities which are neighboring the protected areas of Kanha. We bought farming land, and have over last few years converted it into a mini forest, which today is home to over 100 species of birds, and butterflies. Our motto has been Conservation through Tourism, i.e. make tourism an alternate economy for the local community which has been dependent on the forests for their daily livelihood.

Nature conservation as we dream would have to start with these local communities and nowhere else. Even with the absence of strong tribal development mandate we have kept strengthening our involvement with the local communities. Since we started in 2007, local communities and their development have motivated us to keep advancing in our core business.

Our effort is basically on following three fronts

Education of Children & Elders on Benefits of Conservation

Water Conservation

Global Warming

Education of Children, and elders on benefits of conservation

We think it is vital for the local community to comprehend thesignificance of their natural surroundings. Why so many tourists cometo see the Tiger and other wild and birdlife in their forests isessential for them to understand. It is ironicalthat most of them since birth have not visited the park on a jeep safari. It was also important for us to actually provide education for kids in these areas. We adopted a local village school in 2007. We arrange for the starter kits for all the new primary students which include Uniform, Lunchboxes, stationary, School books, School Bag and Water bottles.

We provide scholarships to merit students till the time they want to study. We have collaborated with Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition Bhopal to provide a free vocational course for three months to 12 Tribal students, so that they can get employment in tourism sector. Chitvan organizes Safaris for the Tribals to make them understand why flora and fauna is important for Environment and Tourism.

Water Conservation

The monsoon is erratic, and hence for farmers plant only one crop in the whole year, they are unable to do any other crop in the year. Discussions have been initiated with local Villagers to identify land which is a natural water catchment area and consider holding water and doing rain water harvesting. Chitvan led by example and started Rain Water harvesting. This resulted in us setting up our own organic farms. Some other steps taken by Chitvan:

Global Warming

Burning fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal, oil and gasoline raises the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Chitvan has taken certain initiatives to minimize the Greenhouse effect. We have separate pits for decomposing the Biodegradable wastes Installed Dual Flush Toilets CFL's and LED's lights are replaced by regular incandescent bulbs. The Walls and Ceilings have extra layer of Aluminum Foil which helps to maintain cooler temperatures inside. Vermi-composting done, and the manure is used in our organic farms.

Over 3000 trees planted within Chitvan, and we have been able to convert a substantial area of our Lodge into a mini forest. Increased cross ventilation in rooms to reduce usage of Air-conditioners. Usage of Solar cookers for all our boiling needs, reduce our LPG consumption in kitchen by about 60%. Our cottages have been painted by a light exterior paint which reduces heat gain. Strategic plantation done around our accommodation areas to ensure direct sunlight does not hit the rooms, thus making them more cool and resulting in reduced electricity bills. Surroundings have been left as such, and wilderness has taken over, which further reduces the temperature in the Lodge.