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Safari in kanha

If you have done safaris in Africa, then you would have certain expectations while doing safaris in India. Well, you will be surprised by the contrast in Indian safaris vis a vis African Safaris. Tiger which is the mainstay of Safaris in India, is an elusive animal compared to its African cousins. Besides, the terrain, and the undergrowth in Indian Jungles is far more dense than in Africa, so it is extremely tough to locate the majestic Tiger in its habitat. But with expert drivers and guides this close to impossible scenario of tracking Tigers is made facile. Safari in Kanha is done in open Jeep which seat 4-5 guests comfortably. A 4X4 drive this vehicle is a Maruti Suzuki popularly known as Maruti Gypsy. Made for all terrain, and a silent engine this is an ideal vehicle to view Wildlife in Indian National Parks.

A licensed driver and a certified forest guide always accompany you when you go for a safari. The various dos and donts in the park to be followed are ensured by the accompanying forest guide. Normally the driver and the forest guide put in their best efforts to track the majestic King of the Jungle by the various methods, like, following the footprints of the Tiger, listening to the alarm calls by various denizens of the park when the Tiger is spotted by them, interacting with other drivers and guides in other vehicles when they cross each other. It is amazing to see that without any wireless devices, which are integral part of African safaris the drivers and the guides here are able to track the Tiger movement.

Tiger Photography is albeit thrilling and exciting. Doesn't it sound thrilling to become obsessed with getting a picture of a roaring tiger? It also sounds even more exciting when a Tigress playing with her cubs, reflecting the pride of her motherhood and yet cautious of your presence. Yes, these are the moments, exciting moments which you can freeze for eternity in your camera.


Kanha National Park is divided under 4 zones namely Mukki, Kanha, Kisli and Sarhi zones.

Mukki Zone

Unofficially the most popular zone of all due to favourable tiger and wildlife sightings. This zone is used mostly by tourists staying on the Mukki side of the Park. This is an ideal zone to look for Tigers, Hard Ground Swamp Deer, Indian Bison, Wild Dogs, and Leopards. The waterholes harbor many water birds. The topography is less hilly with marshy grasslands at Soundher and Bishanpura.

Kanha Zone

Kanha zone is a premium zone, and the tourists have to pay extra fees to do safari in this zone. Kanha Zone ensconces Sal belt, mixed forests, grassy meadows and number of water bodies like Sarvan Taal. The meadows are preferred for tiger safaris as maximum numbers of tiger sightings take place here. Elephant rides or tiger show are regularly held here which increase the chance of sighting tigers.

Kisli Zone

Kisli Zone lies adjacent to Kanha Zone and has the same habitat type. The meadows are smaller but nevertheless tiger sightings are as good. The road leads to Bhamni Dadar Sightseeing point. The Nakti ghati anicut is good for birding and offers a good chance to see the tigers in dense forests.

Sarhai Zone

Sarai Zone is a recent addition to tourism infrastructure at Kanha. The area consists of dense mixed forests and is considered as most scenic. The gate does not have accommodations close by hence tourists stay at the Khatia village. The entry for tiger safari at Sarhai is through the Khatia Gate used for entry into Kanha and Kisli Zones. This is a good place to see the Nilgai or Blue Bull antelope besides tigers and other animals . This zone is about 60kms from the Mukki gate.