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Special Tour

Conservation & Educational Tours

Us, humans as a species ourselves, are in a need to maintain the environment around us in order to keep the world as we know it. Forests provide us with oxygen, while oceans and land give us food. If these ecosystems are destroyed, they will be gone forever. Humans is the only species in the world who can save or destroy other species.

Promoting awareness of Conservation and Biodiversity is our prior objective at Chitvan Jungle Lodge. The ethos is more evident in our award-winning Guided Wildlife Tours. Today we take a step ahead to teach our future the importance of Conservation.

We proudly call it Jungle Knowledge* Educational Tours. Our forests and wildlife is the legacy that we want to leave behind us for our future. Our Jungle Knowledge* Educational Tour are Guided wildlife tours specially designed for School / University students to create interest and to teach the importance of forests and wildlife.

Photographic Tours

One spends a lot of effort and resources in reaching a remote destination like Kanha, hence it is recommended that you capture the plethora of information on flora and fauna. Camera is considered the best invention to immortalize the moments. But, is it the best?

I have a different view to this, as a camera can only take impressions of certain frames, some objects, one landscape, a sight, a sense out of the 5 senses. Video Camera at most does two, with sight and sound. The best way to capture it all is You my friend. You will catch all the 5 senses for yourself.

At times in an effort to get one good frame from your camera, you eliminate much more than what you capture. Therefore, observe nature with all external senses, internalize, and save the same as your experience for yourself. Live the nature youself.

Back home you are eager to share with your family, friends, and colleagues what you saw in Kanha. Then, the age old adage, that a picture speaks louder than words comes forth. Hence photography by a camera is important to showcase to the world about what you saw.